Salt Bath Nitriding

Nitriding Equipment    

Kolene® Corporation provides exceptional equipment for performing salt bath nitriding.  Compatible with salt bath process chemicals that conform to AMS2753(C), our systems can incorporate all of the essential elements for performing the process:


- parts washers
- single or multiple preheat ovens

- single or multiple salt baths

- oxidizing salt quench furnaces

- water quench / rinse tanks

- post treatments


Kolene also offers laboratory services for the chemical analysis of nitriding and quench salt samples, and metallurgical sample preparation and microscopy.

Kolene maintains a well-stocked warehouse of replacement parts for Kolene® process equipment. Immersion burner tubes, flame rods, igniters, agitator assemblies and props are just a few of the parts on-hand. For those parts that are not in stock, we can arrange drop-shipment to your plant.


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Kolene Salt Bath Nitriding Equipment


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Field Services

Note:  Kolene Corporation does not supply process chemicals for performing salt bath nitriding.